Norfolk Island, South Pacific

Norfolk Island is a small island in the Pacific Ocean located between Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. The island is part of the Commonwealth of Australia, but it is self-governed. The currency is the Australian dollar.

You can get there by Qantas, Air New Zealand and Norfolk Air. I went there from Sydney with Norfolk Air and it took about two and a half hours. This was my first time using Norfolk Air and I liked it very much. They pay attention to details, they check every person wearing seat belts and everything, unlike some airline staff who just walk past you and do not looking at security or point out anything wrong at all. I would recommend this airline. Also if you are a sport traveller then they allow you another 10kg free of charge but better to check in early.
 Norfolk Island has a lot of history attached to it. There are a lot of elderly travellers and not many young people go there. Also there are no backpacker hotels or youth hostels. There are nice hotels and resorts around. Also travelling around the island you need a car as it is a very hilly island.
I went there on 11-18 July 2010 for 8 days and 7 nights, for a winter holiday break. In fact it was the same weather and temperature as Sydney anyway. I stayed at Ponderosa ( in a cottage style accommodation. It had great views from the room and very comfortable bedroom. Also it had a small kitchen and nice balcony. It is only 7-10 minutes drive to the town.  I was able to check out the diving while I was there too. I dived with Bounty Divers ( they have a good comfortable boat. I did 4 boat dives and 1 shore dive. It cost AU$150 for a double boat dive and AU$95 for a shore dive that included tanks and weights with your own gear. The visibility there was always 20-30 metres plus, the water temperature is around 18c in winter and up to 25c in summer. Diving level is novice to advanced so you need just open water certification to dive here. Most of the dive sites I went to were sandy bottom and coral reef.  
The coral reefs are quite healthy around the island. I saw turtles, a small school of Capricorn Cardinal fish and Striped Catfish, coral shrimp in every sea anemone. Also I saw 3 different types of moray eel and a few different Sea Hares and flatworms on the shore dive. My highlight was seeing a Norfolk Island flatworm (the only place you can see it), a new nudibranch (Chromodoris Tinctoria) which I have not seen before.

The diving there, in my opinion was not too bad but the sea is rough this time of the year. Also, launching the dive boat was difficult as they had to use a crane to lift the boat from the jetty into the water which cannot be done if the sea around the jetty is too rough.

There was not much unique style marine life like nudibranchs, sharks or macro dives to attract divers for the wow factor or exciting stuff. I can imagine that's why the place is not a diving destination. But if you plan to visit this island then it will be worth going diving to at least 4 different dive sites. You can check out my photos to see what I am talking about.

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